Live Recording

Welcome to  here to help you with your recordings.

Do you want to record Naats or Indian/ Pakistani Songs/Gazals etc?

Over recent years we have seen high interest in the younger generation especially,  wanting to compose and release singles.

Lack of experience and understanding of Sur & Taal can end up costing lots of money and disappointment in the end.  Using Auto tune software's in studios removes the original voice most times leaving singers with out their own recognition.

Here we provide professional and up an coming artists the chance to assert themselves in the music industry. Preparing them  with self confidence and the ability to feel comfortable recording having the correct knowledge.

In this section we will add contact details for local sound engineers to help with all your audio & video needs.

 If you provide a valuable service that could be useful for our respected users, Please email us with your details and we will update the site.


New Audio & Media Productions


Shafiq New Media Productions 

Professional studio setup for Audio Productions mixing and mastering with the Latest Tech available.

Contact directly.

Tel.  07846 025 138