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Saaz is an online community centred around a shared love for music emanating from East Asia. East Asia has a rich musical history with many genres and styles of music.  Classical, Qawali, Gheet, Naat and Bollywood music have a place in the heart of many Brits. However, a local, diverse, accessible community to unite artists and fans alike has not been created until now. Saaz aims to provide this community; which we hope will bloom into a home for all things related to East Asian music

Around 20 years ago some friends with similar interests in Qawaali Music and performing live got together in Bradford.   Not knowing how to play many instruments but only with passion the group progressed. Weekly practice sessions at the local academy,  set up thanks to Saleem Shah brought every one together in one place. 

People learned of the live music being played on Saturday nights at our academy , they were eager to listen and some participated by singing and playing the harmonium , Every body was welcome!  

Most artists that visited the area that came from India or Pakistan would visit the academy (dera). They would Perform & share knowledge.  Some well known names like Sher Ali/ Mehr Ali Qawaals and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan as well as many others attended.  The atmosphere this created was so that,  it was considered by many as the Lahore of the UK.


As YouTube and social media has come in to effect as well as the fact that no income was generated to keep the dera up and running after approximately 10 years it started to fall apart. Several other people tried or made small setups locally  however most did not last for long.  Luckily we have a place where practice sessions are held in Bradford.  

One of the struggles in Asian Music is the lack of teachers that have the ability to teach and spread this knowledge.  Either they are very good them selves and not able to teach or do not want to teach for various reasons. Our aim is to make a one stop platform connecting people.  As technology has advanced teaching and learning has become much easier using social media however  being face to face is indeed a totally different experience.   So check out the relevant pages on this site if you are either looking to learn or looking for some one to preform at your special events.


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